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Server Upgrade Time!

Let’s setup a time to get your website onto an awesome new server!

Does this cost anything?

No! We are upgrading our servers and, as a result, the IP address of your website will change. This “appointment” is so we can move so your site to the new server and you can point your domain to the new IP at the same time, minimizing downtime.

Do I really need to do this?

Yes! Our old servers are going away and your site files will be moved to a new server, changing your website’s IP address.

What do I need to do?

Once you’ve scheduled your upgrade, we’ll send you a confirmation email containing your appointment time. One of our engineers will then email you with your new IP address and any additional relevant information.

Also, as soon as you can, lower the TTL on your A records(www and *) to the lowest it will allow(usually 5 minutes). This will minimize downtime due to DNS caching when you actually update the IP.

I’m really not comfortable messing with my DNS settings.

If you just read TTL and www A records and started thinking about other stuff, that’s okay! If you would prefer someone here update your DNS settings, we can absolutely do that! However, DO NOT SEND US YOUR LOGIN INFO. Just indicate on the scheduling form that you’d prefer we do it and we’ll contact you directly.