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Some of our services

New Website Builds

Sometimes websites get forgotten, it happens a lot. BUT, sometimes they get forgotten for so long that a quick refresh isn’t going to do the job.

Northland can build you a new website that will be fast, beautiful, effective, and affordable.


Content Updates

Launching a website is just the start. Keeping your site updated with fresh content can make a huge difference between a site that helps your business and a site that just collects dust.

Send us your content updates and we can do the actual website work for you!

Website Maintenance

Websites now are complex pieces of software that need care and maintenance. Having out of date software can cause slow-downs and worse, security risks.

Northland will keep your website, plugins, themes and related resources up to date for you, ensuring your website stays fast and secure.

Roadmap Development

Often a business will either have limited time or budget constraints that can impact the overall size and functionality of your website.

Northland can work with you to create a long-term development plan to help you grow your site along with your business.

Some of our latest launches

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