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Updates to Billing and Pricing

by | Jul 1, 2023 | News, Service Updates

We’ve recently updated our hosting offerings and with new services comes new pricing. Our basic hosting offering has been discontinued and replaced with Standard Managed Hosting. Most clients have been moved to this new plan automatically. However, some of our clients have been, or soon will be, moved to our new Private Managed Hosting.

Sites automatically upgraded to Private Managed Hosting have been upgraded due to any number of reasons. Either e-commerce or ticket sales, large amounts of traffic, or just plain complexity of the site have necessitated a move to the more powerful Private Servers.

Billing Options

Clients on subscription(signed up and pay via this website) don’t need to do anything. Once your site is upgraded we will automatically update your subscription.

Clients who are still on yearly invoice billing have two options:

  1. A single invoice for the difference in hosting price for the rest of your current billing year. Your next yearly invoice would then be for the correct new total amount. example: if you have 4 months left until your next invoice and your new price is $10/month more, you’d receive a one-time invoice for $40.
  2. Sign up for subscription billing on this site and use a custom coupon code to pay only the difference in price until your current billing year ends. example: you have 4 months left until your next invoice and your new price is $10/more, you’d pay $10/month for 4 months and then your price would go to its correct new price.

We either have, or will, reach out to all our clients during June and July to let them know what their specific situation is and what their options are.

Why is this happening?

There are multiple things that have sort of combined to result in the expanded offerings and price increases.

  1. We’re maturing as a company. Our customers vary greatly in their website hosting needs and we really needed to provide some better options to account for the large difference in needs.
  2. Our costs have continued to go up and we’re at the limit of what we can absorb.
  3. Part of the reason our costs went up are because our provider updated its offerings toward the end of last year and we’ve had to make some changes in order to deal with those forced updates.

If you have any questions or concerns please send us a message.